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Help me chose by voting ! its real quick pleas do

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 9, 2018, 6:04 AM

Heya !

Im planning on making wooden charms as soon as I'm done with exams and comissions !!
I want to plan everything well and be sure to make something that won't make me lose a lot of money ... So I really need to know what you guys want to see and/or get !

They're going to be pretty cheap, something around 3,50£ ( and, like 1€ for the delivery becuz I think I can send them in regular letters )

Imma sell them on DA, using paypal and points, heh.

Anyways !!
I'd love it if you could all go vote here :… !

Thank you !

Good pmv music ideas ?

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 18, 2017, 4:11 AM

Like a cool music, maybe something short ?
can be funny serious edgy or anything ! spamm me with musics please


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 16, 2017, 8:54 AM

Hey feel free to put me on yours Ill try to make something ( i dont promise anything but I will try )

I've been stalking some cool people, lots of mutuals, and waited for them to post a journal or smth saying they were ok with me tagging them, so here they are !

:iconsandwichprotector: :iconpizzeria-girlfriend: :icondeer-bucks: :iconwakesfield: :iconcasin0s: :iconsnudder: :iconblockgem: :iconparrotte: :iconastrapiika: :iconmapleleafcrown: :iconcaicyo: :iconluceem: :iconzosito: :icongazhelle: :iconithelos: :iconmidnightcalamus: :iconbimnoodles: :iconsilv-r: :iconsosoyeuse: :iconechacharpe:

They're all super great people, you should absolutly check them out ! and yOU KNOW WHO ELSE YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT ?

well these other people that didn't mention they were ok with the tagging but that I'm still going to tagg because they're awesome
you should really take a look in their gallery and consider taking commissions/watching them/supporting them in any way cuz they deserve it !!
:iconviintru: :iconzosito: :iconlisanata: :iconastro-dog: :iconawoos: :iconcakesiice: :icon2ll3::iconbvta::iconcreepycutefury::iconlucayxy: :icon3oe:

Also the peepoes who tagged me in their wishlist hahahahhaahaha bois you're gonna be on mine too 
:iconsharqay: :iconakemaii: :iconequinoxemelba: :iconzoruame: :iconfaustinio27: :iconcaptainlem: :icongalacticdrake13: 


Last little detail !

Really you don't need to feel obligated to do anything. 
And if you do want to make something, just a sketch is fine, Do. Not. Worry. please
Its all fun and games c:

sona :
Ref Shayxy by shayxy
All of my other babies :
->… <-

Do it only if you feel like it !
I'll try to give a lil something back maybe <3

And even if you're not in my wishlist,
gifts are always welcome ; Dc

Quick raffle

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 4, 2017, 10:52 AM

Just comment with your oc's ref or toyhouse and tell me why you like this oc, feel free to develop it, i want to know how great they are !!

I'll pick someone randomly and draw a lil fullbody something like that

You can get extra tickets by

+1        sharing this raffle with a journal/poll ( dont delet it before the raffle ends I'll be checking )
+1        Tag 1 person that you love or that inspires you and tell them something nice ( yes this is inspired by @/sweet-n-treat lmao I love them )

If you don't care about extra ticket you can just comment without doing anything else !
if you shared the raffle don't forget to link me the post in your comment.

deadline is november 18


My core is about to run out (again), anyone wants to get

1 month core -> Lined Bust

400 :points: instead of 500 )

3 month -> Painted bust of 2 characters

( 1200 :points: instead of 1600 )

1 year -> Full illustration with 2 characters + 2 painted headshots

4000 :points: instead of 5000 )

exemples :
[C] Lisaaaaa by shayxyCaicyo by shayxy
(see more in my galery)

Sketchbook pdf soon on sale !

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 9, 2017, 7:20 AM

I'll soon take photos of my 220 pages sketchbook, put them all in a big ol' PDF, and sell it on my galery for 300 points ! ;>
I'll also make it accessable for 3,00 usd via kofee.
here are some exemples of what my sketches look like !

3 by shayxy   1 by shayxy   2 by shayxy

( you can see those 3 exemples on my instagram btw… )

They usually are 700 points but I just really want to do some pixel art to calm down right now

Icons by shayxy[C] huggies by shayxy:iconshaynimation::iconshayxy-s-adopts: 0 by shayxyGreeny by shayxy 0 by Shayxy-s-adopts

one slot open
500 :points:


simple style pixel doll

I'll just by shayxy
same price
I love this amazing bean's art so much and,
I just realised she only had 346 Watchers ??? 346 ???? watchers ?????
The Wodenn Cabin by chimikii Scarhino by chimikii meow by chimikii Vaporeon by chimikii TOKYO GHOUL - Hidekun by chimikii [DPR] Mission 2 WIP by chimikii Secret Santa Pokegraph by chimikii  t h e   c o l o r s,,  t h e   d y na m y s m,, , , , everything is just too much here


she also has a super cool little comic going on its super cute you should defenetly check it out
??? by chimikii ?? page 2 by chimikii ?? page 3 by chimikii

she posts a bit more over on her instagram
and I believe she might be active on FB too ! [link]
or what you could call, furries

It'd be of those precious bois 

Yaegar by shayxy     Madeon by shayxy
and maybe

Creme by shayxy

Im a poor student so nothing over 10usd, sorry
I can also sort out art trades if you prefer, just ask

I'm probably going to take only one or so, but feel free to comment, it wont harm ya <3

( also don't just comment "I can do it", give me your prices and exemples, or a link to your comissions journal please. )

My core is about to run out, anyone wants to get either

lined bust for 1 month core

painted waist up of 2 characters for 3 month

full illustration with 2 characters AND a painted headshot for 1 year

exemples :
[C] Lose it by shayxy[DTA ENTRY] we're explorer !! by shayxy

[AT] hollow by shayxy[AT] painted icon by shayxy <3

My exams are starting in a week

Journal Entry: Wed May 31, 2017, 12:33 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


And here I am making memes because my dearest and memest friend tagged me.
gfu Sosoyeuse <3

dont take this seriously
sorry theres gonna be a lot of private joke
and french sometimes

Name(s) :
Shay ( tsuki, taki, kenma, tamer, tonper, latias, Pierre,
Single or Taken : taken
Birthday : 1 december
Sign : D--> Sagitarius
Hair Color : Brown, dyed purple for now
Eye Color : Dank brown
Height : 169 cm something like that
Are you Pan/Bisexual/Gay ? : Pan pan

F A S H I O N  S T U F F 

Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes ? : internet
Favourite designer ? : Osef ?
What is your most comfortable outfit ? : naked. Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle  or, idk, t shirt and underwears something like that
What do you usually wear ? : u r mom
also classy outfits. I like dem


What kind of shampoo do you use ? : tears of deceased childrens
What are you listening to right now : Kimi no nawa 's ost
Who is the last person that called you ? : My mom.
How many buddies are online right now ? : Soos is. That's what really matters ya see


Foods : Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle 
First names : Z a c h  : ^ )
Last names : U don t give that information online wtf. Why is this even in dis meme u crazy fools
Subjects in school : well, ironicaly, i'm in an art school, but I dont fucking like what kind of art we're doing over der
english I guess

H A V E  Y O U  E V E R

Given anyone a bath ? : I dont think so ?
Smoked ? : I did when I was, like, 9. dat shit aint for me ♥
Bungee jumped ? : nopy nope
Made yourself throw up ? : No
Skinny dipped ? : I wish
Ever been in love ? : So damn many times
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble ? : Mmmh I probably did but I dont remember it
Pictured your crush naked ? : ya
Actually seen your crush naked ? : ya
Cried when someone died ? : So much dang
Lied : Im actually a cat. Ain't lying
Fallen for your best friend ? : All my relationship were with past best friends. Except the one I'm with right now.
Used someone ? : I did. It was cool back then, we were kids. But that's not cool, dont do that.
Done something you regret ? : Lots of times ? But idc my story is great so far I'm glad of how I ended up


Clothes : Tshirt, underwears
Smell : Artic Fox's smell. I'm dying my hair.
Desktop picture : this amazing drawing Lisanata madeForest Adventures by Lisanata
CD in player : i dun have one
DVD in player : ^
Song playing :

♡ L A S T | P E R S O N ♡

You touched : Mhhhh twas my boyfriend I think ? But maybe did I touched someone else in the way back home idk
Hugged : boyfriend
You emailed : Not sure. Probably @/tsukasam 
You yelled at : haha. Idk what you call by "yell". Im too often mad because of the stress exams, but I tend to isolate myself if I'm really super mad
You kissed : Jaazle tinygayheart.png bromance intensifies

♡ A R E | Y O U ♡

Understanding : who am I to judge
Open-minded : who am I to judge
Arrogant:  who am I to judge
Insecure: who am I to judge
Random: who am I to judge
Hungry: who am I to judge
Smart: who am I to judge
Hard working: who am I to judge
Organized  who am I to judge
Healthy: who am I to judge
Shy:  who am I to judge
Difficult:  who am I to judge
Bored:  who am I to judge
Obsessed: who am I to judge
Angry:  who am I to judge
Sad:  who am I to judge
Perverted: yes
Dirty minded:  who am I to judge
Trusting: who am I to judge

W H O  D O  Y O U  W A N N A

Kill ? : musquitos.
Slap ? : ces putains de moustiques samer
Get really wasted with ? : No one ? I dont want to get wasted wtf is this meme
Talk to offline : Sosoyeuse pleas
Kiss :
Hug : Sosoyeuse  Echacharpe Lisanata AstraPiiKa Lucayxy Nekotte they deserve it
Cuddle: Sosoyeuse Jaazle please cuddle with me
Bang: Zen and jumin, both at the same time. Come at me bois


In the morning I : hope I can sleep more
Sexual preference : Zen

♡ W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R ♡

Coke or Pepsi : chocolatine
Flowers or candy: Candy
Tall or short: my size

 W H O

Is your crush if you have one?: Jaazle 
Makes you laugh the most: Sosoyeuse  I like her we have the same humor pleas dont take her away from me
Makes you smile : Jaazle u a cutie / Sosoyeuse u a cutie
Gives you a funny feeling when you talk to him/her ? : w a t

 D O Y O U E V E R

Find yourself thinking of the boy/girl you like for a long period of time ? : very long
Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to message you ? :that's stupid, if I want to talk to them I just go for it
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex ? : dont we all
Wish you were younger : nah


Of times I have had my heart broken : Idk idc
Number Of hearts broken : hah some times. I can count at least 3. Sorry, I needed to move on
Of guys I've kissed : Mmmmmhhhh
Of girls I've kissed : Mmmmmhhhh
Of CD's I own : 0
Of scars on my body : A lot ? No idea how many and I dont want to be edgy laule

//dabs the fuc away
Fat Kid Sliding Dab - Belly Slide Dab 

Hosting multiples raffles ! ( KoFi )

Journal Entry: Fri May 26, 2017, 4:22 PM

10 first tipper get a colored sketch !
Then you get a chance to win a clean bust / clean fullbody !*
And then, there will be even more to come. c:

Kofi milestones Aka me hosting lots of small raffles, ye

Of course, it will cost 3€ to enter, sorry.
It's like a patreon thing : Help me with my studies and I'll give you things ! <3

Yess by shayxy
^ how it works ^ <- where to enter

Im thinking about opening a patreon too, since Im really in need of money ...

I would love you so much if you could share this journal. ;v;"
( i'll maybe even reward you with another raffle for those who shared it. Thinking about it )

* =  it still works for the first 10 who entered
Please read the linked document to learn more about the milestones ♥

stream online

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 20, 2017, 11:38 AM

with AstraPiiKa Echacharpe Lisanata and meh

closed Watercolor Commissions !

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 1, 2017, 4:02 PM

- You can choose to pay before I start, or, pay 50% of the price before and 50% after. -
I wont do any refund if the drawing is done, please understand that.

[AT] Biscuitssss by shayxy[BORTHDAY GIFT] 6/7 by shayxy

Full body :

950 Points or 11.80 USD

Head to shoulders :

500 Points or 6.25 USD

Can't do :

offensiv material,
big mechacnics such as complex robots

What I need :

A drawing/reference of your character
(optional) expression/pose

Slots :
1. Felinar 
2. SokaShadow
3. ItsRaiikouUpshur
4. Lisanata 
5. my boi piix

666+ RAFFLE / 10 winners

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 27, 2017, 12:14 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


Popcorn-Noodle , kilIerqueen and Squydney won the raffle !!
Congratulation to them <3

[EDIT] This is taking a lot of time but
my exams are coming soon.

I will anounce the winners in 1 month !
(the 13/06/17 )


CLOSED !!! c:

Heyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
Im so glad we reached 666+ watchers omg ! Thank you filthy sinners so much !!

Rules :
- Comment
- Tag 2 other deviants who haven't commented yet
==> New subcriber CAN'T participate ! <==
Im sorry, but I really don't want to get watchers that will go away as soon as the raffle ends
 Althought feel free to watch me if you like my art ;v;

The 10 winners will get :

1st place :
1 fullbody sketchy painting
1 lined bust
5 sketches ( digital or traditional )
3 black and white derp chibis
+ 1 chibi or 1 bust from Sosoyeuse 

2nd place :
1 Bust sketchy painting
1 Lined headshot
3 sketches ( digital or traditional )
2 black and white derp chibis
+ 1 sketch from Sosoyeuse 

3rd place :
1 Lined headshot
2 sketches ( digital or traditional )
1 black and white derp chibis

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place :

2 Little black and white derp chibi for each deviant

Here are some exemples of the art you'll get :

[COMMISSION] Smol doggo under da snow by shayxy
fullbody sketchy painting

[C] Hugies by shayxy
[AT] memer by shayxy
Bust sketchy painting  /          Lined bust

Sketches Exemples by shayxy

Black and white chibis exemples will be coming soon

It's time for the sin

Designs for sale

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 19, 2017, 4:04 PM

[CLOSED] by Shayxy-s-adopts[CLOSED] 200 points by Shayxy-s-adopts[CLOSED] 210 points by Shayxy-s-adopts[CLOSED] 6 by Shayxy-s-adopts[CLOSED] dann by Shayxy-s-adopts

A litle bit of advertisment for my design/adopts acounts because I have like, 25 watchers over there haha

EN :

My pc crashed, like 4 times in 30 minutes.
And the 5th time I tried to turn it on, only my computer screen worked, and the quality got lowered a lot.
 ( I have two screen : my cintiq 22HD and my regular old pc screen, I'm on windows 10 )
Now, my cintiq is "working", which means that the screen doesn't show anything, it's black. But the little light that says it's on, is lighten up, and when I move the pen on the screen, it acts like a regular tablet and draws on the other screen.

I really can't work like that. I've been waiting all week to get home to be able to draw and relax, but I still can't ...
PLEASE if you know or think you can help me, comment ! ;-;

Things I have already tried :

- downloading the last version of my cintiq driver
- turning off and then on my pc / cintiq ( loads of time )
- turning on my computer with only my cintiq on
- "detect screens" on the parameters
- tried to update all of my settings
- looked in the peripheral devicess list to see if it was there

non of these were sucesful ...


Mon pc à crashé 4 fois à peu pres en 30 minutes.
Et la 5eme fois ou je l'ai ralumé, seulement l'ecran de mon pc marchais, et sa qualité était beaucoup plus basse qu'avant. ( j'ai deux ecrants : celui de ma cintiq 22HD, et mon vieil écran de pc, je suis sous windows 10 )
Maintenant, ma cinq "fonctionne" Ce qui signifie que l'ecran ne fonctionne pas du tout, il est éteint, noir. Mais le voyant qui indique si elle est allumée est allumé, et, quand je passe mon stylet sur ce dernier, ma cintiq agit comme une tablette normale, et bouge ma "souris" sur l'ecran de mon pc.

J'ai vraiment besoin d'aide, je ne sais pas comment la refaire fonctionner ...
j'ai pas touché aux branchements qui sont comme avant.

Ce que j'ai deja essayer :

- telecharger la derniere version du driver de ma cintiq
- eteindre et ralumer mon pc / ma cintiq ( plein de fois )
- eteindre mon pc et le rallumer avec seulement ma cintiq de connecter, sans mon autre écran
- "détecter des écrans" dans le parametres
- metre a jour certains parametres
- regarder dans la liste des périphériques pour voir si elle etait là

Aucun n'a marché.

CLOSED Taking pixel icons commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 2, 2017, 2:15 AM

Hi all

I'm feeling like doing some pixels today, heh
so, I'm going to take two pixel icons !

I'd like to do headshots more than fullbodies.

Style one : 11111111 by shayxy2222222 by shayxyheadshot  Mammalian Chimereon by shayxy 2222222222 by shayxyStyle 2 : Lellelllel by shayxy
Non animated headshots are 200 :points: please tell me which style you want.
( the 2nd style may change your character's colors a bit but I like it more haha)

Full body animated like this is 350 :points:. And 570 :points: for linked ones.

Full body bith bounce and blinking is 300 :points:

- no exemple-
Not animated full body icons are 275 :points:

tagging the ones that wanted me to notifie them when they opeeen agaaaain ~